Translation; Rotation; Rototranslation; Plane motion; Uniform motion; Uniform straight motion; Smoothly accelerated motion; Relative motion; Cyclical motion; Circular motion; Steady motion; Transient motion; Anharmonic motion.


The force may be thought of as an influence which tends to change the motion of an object. Forces are inherently vector quantities, requiring vector addition to combine them. The SI unit for force is the newton [N], which is defined by Newton = \(\dfrac{kg\cdot m}{s^2}\) as may be seen from Newton’s second law. In mechanics, forces are seen as the causes …

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Friction coefficient. Static friction. Kinetic or dynamic friction. Sliding friction. Rolling friction.


To accelerate means to speed up. The greater the acceleration, the greater the change in velocity over a given time. The average acceleration is the rate at which velocity changes: \[a_{avg}=\dfrac{\Delta v}{\Delta t}=\dfrac{v_f-v_0}{t_f-t_0}\] where \(v\) is velocity, and \(t\) is time. Acceleration is a vector in the same direction as the change in velocity, \(\Delta v\). Since velocity …

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Plasticity is the capacity to resist plastic deformation (dislocation movement of a solid material undergoing non-reversible changes of shape in response to applied forces), while toughness measures the ability of a material to resist crack propagation. The rocks, subjected to external forces, are deformed continuously and permanently, without however being subjected to rupture phenomena and without …

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In Metrology, tolerance means the limit or acceptable limits of the variations of a physical dimension, a physical property of a manufactured object, of a system, or other measured values such as temperature, humidity, or time. In other words, it is the maximum allowable error in the measurement is specified in terms of some value. The tolerance in mechanical devices is …

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Panda ant (Euspinolia Militaris)

The Euspinolia Militaris (also called panda ant – first described in 1938 in Chile) is a member of the Mutillidae family, part of the Hymenoptera order, which includes such as wasps, bees and ants. Kingdom Animalia Phylum Arthropoda Class Insecta Order Hymenoptera Suborder Apocrita Superfamily Vespoidea Family Mutillidae Genus Euspinolia Anatomy While the coloration of the panda ant is …

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Strain gauge accelerometer. LVDT accelerometer Capacitive. Piezoresistive and Piezoelectric accelerometer. Laser accelerometer. MEMS accelerometer. Gravimeter.


Infrared radiation. Infrared spectroscopy. Infrared astronomy.

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