Float glass. Reflective & coated glass. Laminated glass. Toughened and heat treated glass. Glass recycling. Superglass.

Social class

In social and political studies, a social class is defined as a homogenous group of individuals, who share a similar economic and cultural condition, and who occupy a specific position in society. …

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Heat transfer. Heat flux. Heat capacity. Latent heat of fusion. Latent heat of condensation. Latent heat of sublimation. Latent heat of vaporization.


Sound pressure (acoustic pressure). Sound intensity. Sound propagation speed. Infrasound. Ultrasound (ultrasonics). Soundproofing.


Absorption band. Absorption spectroscopy. Absorption spectrum. Spectral line (absorption line).


Friction coefficient. Static friction. Kinetic or dynamic friction. Sliding friction. Rolling friction.

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