Ionic liquid

Ionic liquids (IL) are compounds made up exclusively of ions and their combinations, but unlike the salts, they appear in liquid form at room temperature (or at temperatures close to the latter) even without the presence of a molecular solvent.

A generic definition of ionic liquids is that which describes them as salts that have melting points lower than the boiling point of water. This is a definition based solely on temperature, which does not provide information on the composition of the material except for the fact that it is made up of only ions.

Among the chemical-physical properties that most characterize ionic liquids, differentiating them from common organic solvents, the main ones are low volatility, low electrical conductivity, low flammability, relatively high thermal and chemical stability, the amplitude of the temperature range in which they occur in the liquid state, and favorable solvating properties for a range of polar and non-polar compounds.

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