In geometry, the volume is defined as the measure of space occupied by a three-dimensional body. The volume of a three-dimensional body is a numerical characteristic of the body; in the simplest …

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It is defined monomial as a literal algebraic expression, consisting of a numerical part (coefficient) and a literal part among which only multiplication and exponentiation operations appear; for example: \[\dfrac{1}{2}x;\;7x^2y;\;-9x^n\] The monomial …

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Exponentiation is one of the mathematical operations that replace multiple multiplications between equal numbers or variables, simplifying both writing and processing. If the exponent is greater than 1, the power is …

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In mathematics, an isometry (from the Greek ἴσος, isos, which means equal | called also congruence, or congruent transformation) is a notion that generalizes that of rigid movement of an object or a geometric …

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The inequations, unlike the equations, are inequalities between monomials, or polynomials, for which we seek the solution of one or more literal variables, called unknowns (as for the equations). Some examples of inequations are: …

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